Ashdown Woodturners

Beautiful things in wood

Meeting Dates 2021-2022

AGM: 16th September
Stuart Furini: 21st October
Kevin Hutson: 18th November
Christmas Social: 16th December
Ben Dick: 20th January
Competition/Hands on: 17th February
Les Thorne: 17th March
Mini Comp + TBA: 21st April
Tony Walton: 19th May
Mini Comp + TBA: 16th June
Gary Rance all day: Saturday 23rd July


January 17th:- Ed Oliver Demonstrating
Februar 21st:- Colin Wells (Pole Lathe)
March 21st:- Gary Rance Demonstrating
April 18th:- Chris Grace Demo + Club Competition
May 16th:- John Plater Demonstrating
June 20th:- Ed Oliver Demonstrating
July 20th:- All day Event: TBA
August 17th:- Summer Party
September 26th:-
AGM and Auction
October 17th Kevin Hutson
November 16th (Saturday) Visit to Stiles & Bates
December 5th Christmas Event


January 16th:- Ben Dick
February 20th:- Pete Moncrieff-Jury
March 19th:- Les Thorne
April 16th:- Tony Walton
May 21st:- Gary Rance
June 18th:- Stuart Furini
July 18th (Sat all Day) Martin Saban Smith
August 15th (Saturday) Summer Party
September 17th AGM & Auction

Saturday 31st October, a special event: The Blind Woodturner, Chris Fisher and his dog.

From our AGM in September
A copy the minutes can be seen
A copy of the approved accounts can be seen